Little black dress with trendy accessories

Lately I have been very busy creating great new identities for beautiful companies. One of them is The Webshop Studio. The Webshop Studio is specialized in online content production, creating branded content that engages, educates and motivates your customers. Mostly they work for retailers in the fashion industry. I designed an identity system that is timeless yet flexible to move with all kinds of trends. So to say, ‘a little black dress’ with trendy accessories.

learning code

I’m currently learning the basics of code with Processing. At the moment I am experimenting with the variable of the position of the mouse. :)

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Currently working on…

Currently I am working on two new and exciting projects: A new identity and a website for a dynamic place! Keep you posted!


Essay: Designing identities for living organisms

Fifty years ago, a brand was just a single mark that made the brand recognisable and set it apart from the competition. Now a brand has become a platform, a place of exchange, an experience that arouses an emotional attachment. Brands need to constantly adapt to their fast-changing environment in order to survive. They become living organisms.

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